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[자끄 엘륄]
말의 굴욕(가제)(La parole humiliee)
자끄 엘륄 지음 | KJES 옮김
0 쪽 | 0 원 | 2014년 05월 15일 | ISBN 0 | 0
La parole humiliée  (말의 굴욕)가제 -  자끄 엘륄 Product Description Well known for his many books on sociology and theology, Jacques Ellul for the first time intertwines sociological analysis with theological discussion in this provocative examination of how reality (which is visual) has supers…
Engaging Anabaptism
John D. Roth 지음 | 허현 옮김
220 쪽 | 0 원 | 2014년 05월 15일 | ISBN 00 | 신국판
분류 : Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Protestantism > Mennonite Conversations with a radical tradition. Richard Mouw, Nancey Murphy, Stanley Hauerwas, along with 12 other Protestant or Catholic scholars reflect on how their understandings of the Christian faith have been shaped by their encounter with …
[존 하워드 요더]
Nonviolence A Brief History
존 하워드 요더 지음 | 김기현 옮김
0 쪽 | 0 원 | 2014년 04월 30일 | ISBN 0 | 0
Nonviolence A Brief History
Unsettled Weather
Wilma Derksen 지음 | 옮김
0 쪽 | 0 원 | 2014년 04월 22일 | ISBN 0 | 0
Unsettled Weather When Wilma and Cliff Derksens’ daughter was killed in 1984, they chose the word "forgiveness," hoping it would somehow spare them the horrors of the aftermath of violence and the ensnaring justice issues. But Wilma confesses: "I soon came to resent anyone who said: ‘Just forgive’ as if it were that…
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